‘RUNAWAY’ by Ken Griffen is a contemporary view of the suppressed anxiety of now. The fight for survival has changed but anxiety remains. Your existence has become expensive, life is no longer cheap. There are no more saber tooth tigers to runaway from, yet we keep creating parallel problems. Ken Griffen continues his investigation into portraiture, painting with observations that portray not only the subject, but also a broader social stance. Recent studio placements in Amsterdam, Berlin and Auckland provide Ken with a broad glance at Western social society. ‘RUNAWAY’ makes the subject transparent and shows the internal reality of how we think and prioritise. Mark makings of facial expressions to corporate logos are used as a language to communicate. These anxiety driven observations show a picture of what is felt today. Pictures not just of what is seen but what is known.

Water Colour / Pencil / Indian ink / 400 gsm /  Hahnemühle Akademie watercolour paper / Natural felt rag fiber