Grey Area
Grey Area

— Solo Exhibition at Parlour Projects / Click here for in gallery sound piece ‘False Security’

We live in a world where privacy has ceased to exist, where our lives are largely intangible and surreal, where we insipidly observe each other from behind computer screens, and where companies and governments know more about our movements and opinions than our families do.

In ‘Grey Area’, Ken Griffen uses painting, installation and sound to show us the ghosts of the internet — the nameless and faceless entities watching us online as the age of digital media continues to escalate. With our every movement, click, message and conversation being watched and tracked, the power of the digital invasion is akin to mind reading. ‘Grey Area’ lives in  these spaces of privacy, false security and communication, and uses metaphor and portraiture to investigate the pervasive influence digital media has on our lives.

We’re living in the Wild West, a curated reality of which we know no limit; our proposed existence somewhere between reality and fiction — and barely under our control.